Nordic Sleigh Rides, Breckenridge, Colorado

Nordic Sleigh Rides, ShowtimeNordic Sleigh Rides Showtime

"By far, our favorite part of the evening was the Mountain Man floor show. What wonderful entertainment! We laughed like crazy, but of course, so did everyone else."

Atlanta, Georgia

Nordic Sleigh Rides, Showtime


Enjoyed by movie stars, professional athletes and local celebrities, each night one of our colorful characters entertains by mixing fact and fiction into a unique family-friendly Colorado dinner theater. The show includes authentic costumes and props while drawing on the fascinating history of Breckenridge. Why read about it when you can experience it?

The Mountain Man
Ladies beware! The Mountain Man is on the hunt not only for pelts but for the perfect Mountain Woman! This wholly interactive performance is part of the fun as the Mountain Man re-enacts his adventures and portrays the rough and tumble life of the Rocky Mountains. Whatever he’s doing, don’t take your eyes off of him!

The Dance Hall Girl
Gentlemen beware! The Dance Hall Girl will get you laughing at stories of what life was like from behind the saloon hall doors! Tales of miners striking it rich and of miners not striking it at all are mixed with a saucy humor that appeals to everyone. This fun performance draws upon everyone in the audience.

The Unsinkable Molly Brown
Everyone should beware! Molly Brown’s story hits all the highs and lows from Colorado’s mining days as well as a few cold moments in the middle of the Atlantic after the Titanic sank. Through all the ups and downs Unsinkable Molly rose to the top. Brash and outspoken, her life and accomplishments are extraordinary. The whole family will enjoy learning more about this larger-than-life Colorado character!